Rural Development
Sector Programme

European Union Aid Programme
for Turkish Cypriot community

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The overall objective of the EU Grant Support Team, also known as the Programme Management Unit (PMU), is to provide technical assistance to the design, assessment, implementation and monitoring of grant projects in the civil society, community development, human resource, private sector development and rural development sectors for the Turkish Cypriot community. The EU has funded the operation of the PMU since September 2008 under successive projects.


Main project activities include:

  • Support to the development of grant scheme guidelines in accordance with EU rules and procedures.
  • Grant scheme assessment and support to contract preparation
  • Assistance to grant beneficiaries in project implementation, capacity building activities for project applicants and beneficiaries, and the monitoring of grant projects.
  • Updating and maintenance of the RDSP website,
  • Establishment and maintenance of a Monitoring Information System; and
  • Implementing a programme of communications and visibility activities