Rural Development
Sector Programme

European Union Aid Programme
for Turkish Cypriot community

  • Click here for the Q&A document of Community Development 4 Concept Notes.
  • See photos from the Fourth Community Development (CDIV) grant scheme Information Session held in the Merit Hotel on 15 April 2016. The grant scheme focuses on local communities who were represented in force
  • Fourth Community Development Call for Proposals (CD4) launched on 8 April 2016. Deadline for Concept Notes is 27 May 2016. Please click here to access the Guidelines.  
  • See photo gallery for the recently completed projects and events.

Farm Advisory Services (FAS)

The main purpose of the 26 month EU funded Farm Advisory Services project, starting in March 2016, is to support the establishment of an efficient and sustainable local farm advisory service. Developing farm advisory services by providing the latest technical advice and information to farmers, increasing farmer knowledge and skills and linking farmers with research, will result in increased family farm efficiency, increased production and generally an increase in the standard of living of farming families. Farm advisory services can have a powerful role in the development of agricultural production in the northern part of Cyprus. Main project activities include: • Development of a farm advisory strategy and support for implementation of the strategy; • Provision of technical advice to farmers in collaboration with the advisory bodies in charge of extension services; • Supporting private sector capacity in the delivery of advisory services; • Preparation of grant schemes for advisory services targeting the private sector to extend the offer and capacity through dedicated financial support; and • Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation system to measure performance with a view to assist in future planning, programming and development.